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2 definitions by unseen1

the type of rap that is played in night clubs directed at the night club audiance. it's the most popular type of hip hop out right now. it is usually uncreative and one dementional. it's all about "i'm in the club all gettin' drunk ready to take some ho's back to fuck, get in my million doller cadillac truck, i'm so rich look at me i'm so rich" type shit. club hop usually has pretty cool beats with a rapper that sounds cool but saying some wack ass shit.
this is why i'm hot, this is why i'm hot, i'm hot with my club hop, and you ain't cuz you not
by unseen1 April 17, 2007
Originated from the word scrawl which is a old sloppy messed up writing of something or another. Skrawl is basicly a wack rapper who's lyrics are just wack as hell.

what's up with all these skrawl ass rappers on the radio all of a suddon.
by unseen1 April 17, 2007