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faking out: drunk kissing. So you're at a party and you end up kissing your best friend or just someone who's really icky. It doesn't matter, cos you weren't making out, you were faking out (can also be used for popular people and geeks)
'Woah, you were totally making out with Laurence, we have photographic evidence'
'What? that wasn't making out, that was faking out!'
(and your integrity stays intact!)
by unknown_pill July 02, 2006
Emo goggles are the hip new way of calling those big thick glasses that emo's wear, it can also be used for the old 60's sunnies that scemos wear sometimes. They are called emo goggles because they are very thick and goggleish even if the said emo wearing them is only a teeny weeny bit blind and emos wear them so YAY!
Do these emo goggles go with my hat?
by unknown_pill May 26, 2006

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