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The general state of mind characterized by complete ignorance about sex and human reproduction.
Dude they think that sex ed teaches us a heck of a lot of stuff we didn't know, but the truth is, we lost our mental virginity a while back.

Totally dude.

*high five
by Universe24 May 22, 2011
(n.) A transvestite prostitute

(adj.) Someone who acts in a way becoming of a transvestite prostitute
Dayumm. That girl who just rejected you is such a schmarx.

That was a schmarxy move dude.
by Universe24 April 19, 2011
What tends to happen at high school dances, regardless of location or the amount of clothing any person happens to be wearing at the time. Sometimes unwanted, and always unpleasant to watch.
Girl 1: That guy just tried to grind me!

Girl 2: It's the music. He just wants to have dancesex.

Girl 1: ewww no way!
by universe24 December 14, 2011
(n.) Someone whose shirt or article of clothing is too sexy for them.
Guy 1: That girl's so flat that she's hollow!

Guy 2: And she thinks she can go strapless! What a balrus.
by Universe24 April 19, 2011
(n.) One of those involuntary farts a male gets when his buttocks are in the air with legs spread out and the warm fart gently ruffles his scrotum. Few true smeeps have been recorded in human history. Only the great masters of flatulence can produce such pungent pearls of fragrance.

(v.) The act of smeeping
Guy 1: Dude you look so relaxed!

Guy 2: Yeah dude, I just smeeped.
by Universe24 April 19, 2011
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