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One of the three universities in Toronto, the other two being Ryerson and University of Toronto. Known for low admission averages for most of their programs, its known as the "Plan B" option by a lot of high school students aspiring to go to U of T. That being said, as the school doesn't have the reputation of a school like U of T, it is also known for the much better treatment to its students, such as giving large scholarships and not lowering students' marks to maintain a class average.

Two types of people go to York. Lower end, under achieving students as well as well above average students with foresight (the latter going to an easier school in order to maintain a higher GPA and there for get into better post secondary programs).
Sally the UofT goer: Hey, Sam, which university did you pick?
Sam of York University: Well, I picked York because...
Sally (interrupting) : Ha, anyone who can hold a fork can go to York. I like a challenge so I picked U of T.

Sally: Oh hey, Sam! Long time no see! Hows it going?
Sam: Well, I've been hitting the books pretty hard and I finally got accepted into Medical School! And to U of T of all places! How about you?
Sally: Well, I've tried my best but by the looks of it I wont be going to Medical School after all. Never the less, I can probably become a teacher.

(the following story is based off of thousands of stories each year.)
p.s. it is in no way aiming at teachers, but rather suggesting that taking the easier way sometimes IS the right way
p.s.s. while the above story uses york as the "easy university", it could be McMaster, Western etc, all fine schools in the GTA.
by univ September 14, 2010

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