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13 definitions by unit7

Anytime when a fangirl expresses an overly excited opinion about something in their fandom. Whether its Amy and Ricky kissing from Secret Life, to Naruto finally going down on Sasuke.

On message boards you can usually tell when they post the dumbest things towards something.
Girl:If Amy and Ricky kiss I am going to freaking flip! I will probably clap and run around screaming to the world!!

Unluckybystander: That girl is suffering from fangirlgasms
by Unit7 July 21, 2009
A person who is extreamly foolish. Their actions are not only irresponsible to themselves, but can possibly be harmful towards others.
If a guy tries and talk you out of using a condom, he is a damn fool.

Did you see that damned fool? He was swirving all over the road.
by Unit7 May 26, 2009
A debate or discussion on the Internet between members of a community. Its where a person creates a thread to ask other peoples opinions on a subject. From as mundane as Cupcakes or Muffins or to more serious discussions such as abortion. People who partake are often called to defend their stance.
The Zelda Universe forum was full of Internet Debates ranging from whose the most innocent video game character to Is Obama doing the right thing.
by Unit7 May 17, 2009
A Troll who brings epic lulz by failing to be a good troll.

They bring more lulz then they do annoyance and the victims just can't help but laugh.
SomeDude: You guys all suck!!
SomeDude2: Omg you suck!!!
SomeDude: Not as much as you do!
Unit7: Dude stop being a lulztroll, you fail at trolling.
by Unit7 May 16, 2009
When said in a disbelieving, shocked, or surprised voice it signals you didn't see something coming. Its said when all the evidence shows you one thing, but you still are in disbelief.
Dude1: Dude did you see Ashley?
Dude2: Not recently why?

Dude1: *points to Ashley making out with another girl*
Dude2: No... *is said in surprised and shocked voice*

Dude1: Awesome right.
Dude2: Hell yeah!
by Unit7 May 13, 2009
A Double Agent Troll is a troll who has two accounts for a community. These DA(double agent) Trolls will use one account to get to know the community. Participate in friendly debates. They are just regular members.

The other account is for trolling purposes only. Depending on the Troll themselves, they may use the Troll Account to add an opposite opinion to the Normal Account. But mostly they make rude comments to cause drama.
Man: Dude I was on this forum and I was Double Agent Trolling. It was hillarious.

Man2: I know its hillarious being a complete ass and then going on your other account to act the victim and flame yourself.
by Unit7 May 10, 2009
To masterbate.

To engage in sexual intercourse with ones hand.
Guy1: It takes two to tango.
Guy2: Not for me, im solo tangoing right now!

Guy1: Sick bastard! Thats gross
Guy2: but it feels so good!
by Unit7 May 19, 2009