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Homeworld of the Dark Templars in the Sequel to Starcraft, Brood War. Shakuras became the refuge of the other Protoss divisions after their home world, Aiur, fell. Shakuras is also the name of a fanboard with starcraft frequents.
And the Xel'Naga Temple sighed as it drew the cosmic energy, which exploded throughout the planet and cleansed Shakuras of the foul Zerg.
by unholy-assassin August 18, 2006
A Jiggly Jelly Jello Gel commonly found in the sewers of dutchland. Compatible with Spam.
"Hey guys look what I found, a thedutchjelle!"
"Dude that's sick it's leaking all over you"
by UnHoly-Assassin August 18, 2006
A person in the state of hyperactivity, often delusioning his/herself to being a ninja or pirate, or other purely chimerical entities.
"Who was that guy that fell down the Empire State building while trying to prove that the theory of gravity is flawed?"
"I donno...some Vezer I guess."
by UnHoly-Assassin August 25, 2006
A stoner in a constantly glad attitude. Sort of crazy, and horrible with certain RTSg.
Wow, that gladstone sucks.
by UnHoly-Assassin August 25, 2006
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