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When you're texting someone and the auto-correct makes you look stupid by putting in a completely different word than the one you wanted.
Person 1: I want ur cum
Person 2: what? I thought we ended our fuck-buddy period...
Person 1: i meant RUM you asshole! i keep getting auto-fucked!! eff you iphone.
by uneazy-e January 04, 2011
A flake or a tease; often referring to a woman who says she wants to hang out but then can never meet up.
Female: Ayyy sorry boo I cant kick it today shits come up

Male: Awww man you a cat mama!
by uneazy-e January 17, 2011
Literally a "black alert" for when women with chocolate fever want to alert their ladies that a hot black guy is in the premises.
"Daaaaamn--check out the blert to the right!"
by uneazy-e August 16, 2010

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