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2 definitions by undergarment


cut´ler: Origin--Jay Cutler, NFL Chicago Bears quarterback 2009-present.

(verb): 1.) To wuss out, particularly in competitive situations; 2.) to give up or quit an important task, especially with an air of ambivalence or even arrogance; 3.) to feign an injury or disability to avoid an uncomfortable task.

(noun): 1.) A person who frequently cutlers; 2.) a person who abandons his friends or co-workers in a critical situation.

1.) “Are you going to finish this pie-eating contest, or are you going to cutler on me?"

2.) “He completely cutlered the presentation to the condo board; he handed it off to Mandy and the board is considering removing him from the building.” “Yeah, but the board is just as gutless as he is—they’ll never kick him out.”

3.) "Fred cutlered a hernia so he wouldn’t have to help his girlfriend move into her new apartment.” "Yeah, but she’s so hard up she’ll never dump him.”


1.) “I really expected that Gus would show to do my brain surgery, but he bailed on me and Mandy is going to do it instead.” “I told you not to rely on him—he’s been a cutler as long as I have known him.”

2.) “The walking dead are surrounding us, and Gus is the only one who knows how to work the eliminator, but he ran away.” “Yeah, the guy pulled a complete cutler; have Mandy do it.”
by undergarment February 08, 2011
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to poke, drill, torque, screw, cut, pulverize, abrade, scrape, chop, rip, saw; principally in the context of punishing another person or eliciting compliance with a demand.
I will dremel your ass if you don't do exactly as I say.
by undergarment December 14, 2010
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