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Taps, the traditional military ditty sung before sundown or at funerals.
As the train entered France, the French National Anthem was heard playing over the radio.
#france #military #funerals #war #anthem
by uncrules123 October 26, 2006
Only way to say "motherfucker" after getting bit in the genitals.
Dog attacks Scott and bites his balls.
Scott shouts at dog's owner, "muvva fucka!"
#balls #kick #dog #genitals #motherfucker
by uncrules123 July 21, 2006
A form of fog that is created from groundhogs, usually in the American Southwest. Groundhogs come from the rain of that fog that has been absorbed by the ground. The appearance of the fog is murky, with a light brown color to it. Its effect upon the eye is making everything appear like a moon landscape
As I was travelling through New Mexico, many groundfogs made the air murky around my car.
by uncrules123 April 25, 2005
the village idiot, usually from the southern area of a specific place, and in very rare times, becomes the leader, when the people of the place are confused by his antics.
George Bush is a George Bush.
by uncrules123 March 19, 2005
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