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1) A person who clearly has no idea about how car engines work, but will add up all the engine modifications he has/plans to get with preconcieved horsepower figures to show how fast his car is.

2)A person who looks like hes working on his engine, but he's really just making sure his intake didn't fall off yet and he has no idea what he is doing or what is wrong with his car.
1) (man performing ricer diagnostics) "yea, well the car has 120 hp stock, but i got a intake, muffler, and performance tuner, so its got like 160 hp now, cuz the intakes 15 hp, the mufflers 15 hp, and the chips 10.

2) yea man, theres smoke coming outta the transfuxfibulator there, i just gotta retune my muffler bearings and it should be even faster than before.
by unclepeanuts April 26, 2011
A system of backroads and throughstreets that lead you to where you started. Used by stoners with nowhere to smoke weed in a congested city. They drive these routes while smoking weed, because they are convinced that no police ever go through the systems of roads they used.
Joe: 'Hey fucknugget, don't spark that, cops come through here."

Chris: "Aight, Joe, lets go on a smoke route, hop in my car"
by unclepeanuts April 26, 2011
(man-you-moe-beel) An auto-mobile, except with a manual transmission. And as automatic (automobile) cars have MANUALs in their glovebox, Manumobiles have Automatics to refer to in their glovebox. Just so everyones happy.
"Oh no, my manumobiles acting up, i better look through the automatic to see where the fuse panel is
by unclepeanuts April 26, 2011
kittens that are old enough to have opened their eyes.
carl "your christian kittens are getting so cute"
john "these are aethiest kittens, dude"
carl "last week you said they were christian kittens!"
john "yea, but now they've opened their eyes."
by unclepeanuts April 26, 2011

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