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A person who spends a nice amount of their time reading/drawing manga and watching anime or similar Japaneese cartoons. They can sometimes be fun in small doses, but after a while it can be hard to tollerate constant Japaneese references that you don't get... at all. They usually hang around other anime nerds, goths, or anyone who can be labled "different". They often have a small sense of reality, and pretend to not care about other people's opinions about them. They also seems to always be happy, but mosty because ignorence is bliss. Get to know an anime nerd, and they won't stop complaining.
I know from experience, because I dated an anime nerd for 5 months. They are nearly IMPOSSIBLE to date, unless you yourself are one. They tag you in hundreds of manga pictures on Facebook, and make everything far more dramatic than it actually is in order to make reality like anime, which doesn't work. They can also be very immature.
Guy: "Hey you wanna go out?"
Girl: "Sure! ^^"
Guy: "Cool, I think you're really pretty."
Girl: "Awwww, thats soo kawaiiiiii!!"
Guy: "Oh... shit."

An example of finding out that girl is an Anime Nerd.
by uh...hi November 02, 2011

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