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Hanging yourself from a rope that is tied to your nutts and your neck. Auto-erotic asphyxiation gone wrong. Very dangerous, don't try it!
David Carradine, star of the TV series "Kung Fu" was found dead in his hotel room closet, hanged with a rope attached from his genitals to his neck, cause of death "Hung Fu".
by udontnome June 10, 2009
A gay man's appendage.
I bet that guy is a shit splitter.
That guy's dick is a shit splitter, kind of like a log splitter but with man-meat instead of a felled tree.
by udontnome June 10, 2009
The "pitcher" in a gay relationship.
There goes Willy, I be he's a "stink wiener".
Damn, that dude got a mad case of the "stink wiener".
by udontnome June 10, 2009

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