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Woodside Priory is a college-prep school for 6-12. While the tuition is undeniably high, it is nowhere near the snob level of Menlo or even Castilleja. While Menlo and Castilleja are excellent academically and in terms of sports, the student body is mostly extremely rich. The Woodside Priory school pretty much accepts everybody, and it has a very diverse community including boarding students from all over the world. Priory is unusual in that it is a "nice" school- even the "quiet kids" or the "nerds" or the "losers" have friends. Teachers don't judge you based on your wealth or looks, same with students- everyone judges you on if you're nice or not pretty much. It's a good school with good academics, with graduates attending schools as prestigious as Harvard or Stanford. Famous for the five monks that live on campus, Woodside Priory is a catholic school that accepts people of all religions.
kid a at a public school: quiet, sitting alone, depressed
kid a at Woodside Priory: happy, friends, settled in
by udocd November 04, 2010
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