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3 definitions by ubertech

The M.R.E.'s are a vacuum packed high calorie food pack that contains enough food for one meal . M.R.E.'s are so disgusting that they are known as three lies in a bag . Also the inspiration for Ranger cooking .
Private Pile took the crackers and chocolate mix from his M.R.E. and made some ranger pudding.
by ubertech August 24, 2009
Ranger cooking is when a member of the armed forces adds 2 or more items in their M.R.E. to create something edible .
the private was ranger cooking when he combined his coffee pack , his hot chocolate pack and cracker from his M.R.E. to make ranger pudding.
by ubertech August 24, 2009
The act of giving a bitch small amounts of cocaine or crack rocks to keep her just high enough to keep getting sexual acts out of her out of multiple hours or days.
Yo I am going to crumb out that bitch tonight . Dude that skank I took home from the club I crumbed her out for the weekend.
by Ubertech March 09, 2014