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It refers to a point in the base system between 2nd base and 3rd base. It is dry-humping. It has always seemed more than simple groping but it is less than the handjobs/blowjobs of 3rd base. Dry-humping now has a definite place on the base system.
guy1: hey, y'know the base system?
guy2: yeah?
guy1: wher does dry-humping go?
guy2: base 2.5
guy1: ok cool thats good to know
guy3: you guys are fucking retarded
by uberjai July 27, 2012
when you are the process of putting someone in your wankbank
hey, why are you staring at that girl?
dont worry im just putting her in my wankbank.

this is called wankbanking
by uberjai December 02, 2011
A Cuntervention is an intervention held for someone who is a cunt. Everyone knows this person is a cunt and they want to tell this person because he or she doesn't realize. It can involve banners and letters for said person to open and read. they should all say something like "You are a cunt" It differs from a normal intervention because it offers no friendly advice or support on how to overcome the problem, it just informs this person of how much of a cunt they are.
Awesome girl: Hey you know that swaggy prick?
Awesome dude: Yeah.
Awesome girl: he is a cunt
Awesome dude: yeah
Awesome girl: we should tell him
Awesome dude: lets have a Cuntervention
by Uberjai February 03, 2014
A bro who is there to cockblock some dick for you. you dont cockblock him yourself cos otherwise the girl would think you are a wanker so you get your cockblockbro on the case
Guy 1: hey dude, there is some dick who is hitting on this girl i like. can you do the necassaries?
cockblockbro: never fear. your cockblockbro is here. i will cockblock the shit out of that guy
by uberjai December 30, 2012
The economy that is creted by wanking
porn mags, tissues, laptops and bathroom locks are all supported by the Wankonomy
by uberjai December 04, 2011
someone you put in your wank bank for later on when you feel lonely
dude, she is soooo wankbankable
by uberjai November 24, 2011

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