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Apparently, some people have nothing better to do than make fun of Notre Dame girls. If they're all "dykes" then why are you so bitter?
I'm VMAPRIDE and I like to attack girls who go to Notre Dame because one of them got with a boy I like.
Hey "nice try".. maybe you should also learn to spell before insulting other bad spellers.
In order to graduate grammar school, one must recognize that grammar is spelled with an "ar" rather than an "er". That's just a little something I learned before I was accepted to Notre Dame. Honestly, does anyone have anything else to say?
Dear Students from VMA and NDA,
Get over yourselves.
I go to the Academy of Notre Dame and apparently I'm one of the few students there who realize what "class" is. And hey Villa girls, if you knew what it was, there wouldn't be an effing battle on urbandictionary.com.

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