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1. a steroid jacked homo
2.a yankee (gay)
3.the face of the secretive homosexeul world
7. jeter's partner for life
A-rod just did jeter in the clubhouse after winning a game.
#alex rodriguez #a-rod #arod #gay #homo of the century #jeter's love partner
by u dont need to no March 26, 2008
1. an overpaid pussy
2.a gay who uses purple lipgloss
3.a ballslapper/ballsucker
4.jeter's buttbuddy
5.a choking steroid filled homo
7.should die
8. #1 homo prostitute in america
"{Alex Rodriguez} just sucked on jeter's penis for god luck in the game."
#pussy #gay #arod #homo #jeter's soulmate
by u dont need to no March 26, 2008
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