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2 definitions by tzamtyy

Stoyko, or Stoiko (BG: Стойко) is a Bulgarian name, and a variant of Stoyan. Some verry successful Bulgarian people have that name, and the most famous being Stoyko Sakaliev, a football striker. It's a name that, according to legends, protects the child.
What's your name?
- Stoyko.
by tzamtyy August 06, 2011
Neprotivokonstitutsiovatelstvuvayte (BG: непротивоконституциователствувайте) is the longest Bulgarian word. It means Don't go against the Constitution. It's longer than the Bulgarian alphabet.
No one actually uses it xD I mean... try pronouncing neprotivokonstitutsiovatelstvuvayte xD
by tzamtyy August 10, 2011