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-noun -pron. NOOK-lee-ERR HALL-oh-COST

1. The time at which, during the Earth and mankind's evolution, when the planet is a radiated wasteland of sand and bleached bones. Where once great cities stood, now stand only shells of a once great civilization. Where nothing survives save for resilient disease and bacteria, and the remnants of the species described as homo-sapien, who took refuge in under-ground shelters before the bright flash of their collective peak of ingenuity and scientific curiosity engulfed them all.
2. Mankind's last chance to prove it's worth before the innevitable end.
3. A time long after mankind's nuclear arms have been spent.
4. A time when the only means of survival is a honed blade, and a clean rifle amongst the onslaught of cannibals, and radiated humans known as, zombies.
"But Mr. President, surely you know the ramifications of this decision. Evil begets evil. If we fire, so will they, and you and I both know the only possible outcome is annihilation. A nuclear holocaust."
"Just shut up and give the goddamn order."
"I'm sorry sir, I can't, I...I won't."
"Gen. Cosgray, would you please shoot Mr. Williams."
by tytoldyouso February 05, 2010

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