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Like a Lolita, but the male equivalent to.
"Wow, that Brolita really turned on that cougar."
by tylercee January 15, 2010
When you ejaculate in a pre-pubescent singing sensation "One Time"(Justin Bieber)
I decided to Bust-in Bieber One Time!
by tylercee December 22, 2009
- Adjustin' Bieber - When a certain singing sensation feels the need to grab himself.
As I saw the video for 'Baby', I saw an Adjustin' Bieber grab himself "One Time"
by Tylercee April 05, 2010
A teenager, who is skeletal in build. The opposite is the Jellyteen(fat teen, or gelatinous
"That 15 year old spurning meals is a Skelly-teen (as Jellyteen is( "That 15 year old who binges at Arby's is a Jellyteen").
by Tylercee August 17, 2008
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