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The greatest superhero ever. He's a total bad-ass that dresses like Robin Hood and has a mustache that puts Ned Flanders to shame. His weapon of choice is a bow and arrow. He is know to be a lady's man. I've heard rumors that he's slept with over 350 woman, and over 25 guys. That's pretty damn cool if you ask me.
Guy #1: Hey, what're ya reading?
Guy #2: Oh, nothing. Just a fucking Green Arrow comic!
Guy #1: Oh.
Guy #2: Yep............so, wanna toss my salad?
by tyler_tcobb0823 July 13, 2006
The master of kicking ass. He's an evil genius and I love him. With all my heart. He's unbelievably awesome. He is just as good as Batman at hand-to-hand combat and sword fighting. What a playa!
Ra's al Ghul: Man I'm cool.
Some guy: I agree.
Ra's al Ghul: Of course you agree. If you don't I would kill and rape you.
Some guy: ...
Ra's al Ghul: Hell yeah.
by tyler_tcobb0823 July 17, 2006

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