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an extremely slutty girl who loves to suck various cocks at one time and is also very promiscuous, often taking multiple various colored penises in her multiple bodily orifices at the same time.
"That fat bitch over there has to be a cock gobbling thunder cunt because she has four kids, each of a different color!"
by tyler stephen October 19, 2007
Taken literally, it is a combination of four (4) diseases,
(Gonorrhea, Herpes, Syphilis, and AIDS) and is used to describe a person, usually a girl who is known to be very slut-like and/or disease ridden.
I chose not to have sexual with the stripper because I realized that, although hot, she had gonoherpisyphilaids.
by tyler stephen February 27, 2008
another name for a smelly vagina
"Damn, that bitch was hot but her cooterbox smelled like ass!"
by tyler stephen October 19, 2007

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