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The status where no one is able to fuck with you.
Shawdy has a year until he retires. He just told the boss to go fuck himself. That man is unfuckwitable.
by tyler dirden April 12, 2007
When you are recieving head (preferably from a okinawan hooker at a soapie) and she is cupping the balls. Then while cupping the balls she unexpectedly sticks her middle finger in your ass. It must be done while cupping the balls and only to the first knuckle.
So theres Jeremy. He's gettin a blowjob and all of a sudden "The Stevens". He said he only jumped a little bit.
by tyler dirden April 12, 2007
Fore arms that just turn into hands. there is no visible wrist to seperate the hand from the arm.
It doesn't even look like Tyler has wrists. Its like he has fore hands
by tyler dirden April 12, 2007
A co-worker or peer who brown noses and sucks so much cock to get to the top.
Ryan and Mr. Fung went fishing, just them two. You know what Ryan was up to. I guess thats why he earned the name The Guzzler.
by tyler dirden April 12, 2007
A extremely hairy man( so hairy he could be the bundaberg bear) whose drunk on bundaberg rum rubbing his digusting jello-filled hairy stomach. For he just got out of an australian lime jello wrestling contest.
When robert was in that jello pit with those australains he just keep saying "the bundabear". that hairy bastard he auctually looks like the bundaberg bear.
by tyler dirden April 12, 2007

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