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2 definitions by twisteeeeed

I Fucking Hate You Bitch
Girl 1: *stares at a guy while walking towardz him for seduction time*

Girl 2: *Jumps the shit out of nowhere and gets in front of Girl 1*
-Helloeez Chris!!... oh, Lilly! how r ya?

Girl 1: F n u? ifhyb...
by twisteeeeed January 29, 2010
I Fucking Love You Whore!

Commonly used within really close girl friends
Girl 1: So yeh ya hear taht bitch thiz mornin?
Girl 2: I knoeee! i mean wtf shez such a poser!
Girl 1: Heey gurl g2g smack taht hoe
Girl 2: K ily gud luck!
Girl 1: iflyw!!
by twisteeeeed January 30, 2010