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Disregard the cutesy stuff (maple syrup, skiing, cheese, ice cream). Vermont is a state comprised of 50% trust funders (wannabe hippies, skiers, political activists from New York state) and 50% hillbillies that serve the trust funders' every whim. Vermont sucks slightly less than New Hampshire in that it is not totally bereft of cultural diversity. Vermont is a great place to live if you are wealthy and can winter somewhere else (well except for driving up from Westchester county to stay at your condo for some skiing on occasion).
Like, dude, I had to spend $8000 to keep my 1979 Volvo 240DL running. That was almost a tenth of my entire monthly trust fund check. I thought that I might have to cut back on my weed consumption but Dad paid for it. I only had to renew my promise never to return to Pound Ridge from Vermont.
by twinstates September 16, 2006
A great state to have a "summer place". New Hampshire is a haven for the wealthy to hide from tax obligations. In order to live in NH and have children who speak in a polysyllabic fashion you have to live in a moneyed town or send them to a private school. New Hamphire educational funding has nothing to do with equity of opportunity (research the Claremont debacle). If you are white, rich, and don't give a damn about the "lower class" (those who clear less than $100,000 a year)then welcome aboard! If you don't qualify for the "club" please don't put yourself or your children through the humiliation of trying to scratch out a living here.
"I truly enjoy New Hampshire, don't you Lovey? However, I believe that I saw someone whose skin is darker than a brown paper bag in our gated community. Have the help call in the state police and the National Guard."
by twinstates September 16, 2006

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