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E/O Language is the lingo that Law and Order Special Victims Unit fans use talking to each other and use in their fan stories that only makes sense to them.
E/O Shipper, I'd Give you my kidney = love, E/D, E/K, Liv, El, brain bleach after E/D or E/K scenes, E/O language ..etc..etc...
by twilightsvufan December 10, 2009
Those SVU fans who despise the hook up and scenes where Elliot Stabler and Dani Beck are together. They very strongly disapprove of the ship between Elliot and Dani.
"I despise the relationship between Elliot/Dani, therefore I am an E/D Hater! Long Live E/D Haters." - E/O Shipper
by twilightsvufan December 10, 2009

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