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(Reckless + Responsible)
Being reckless, but going about reckless ways in a responsible way.
"See, I'm not an idiot, I'm recksponsible, that crash was planned."
by twiggy eksfaur October 17, 2008
Saying, "Aww dude, that's sweet!" is totally inappropriate and downright douchebaggary when describing something sweeter-than-sweet thus, use diabetical, so that it is clear how sweet and potentially dangerous the subject is...
So sweet it may give you diabetes, the subject's diabolical plan...
Wow, you see how she just unzipped her top so low like that?... That bitch, straight diabetical.
by twiggy eksfaur October 17, 2008

When a woman (or man) gives oral to another man using their teeth.

or when a man (or woman) gives oral to another woman with their teeth, chomping on the lips...

Pulling, grinding or chomping like a shark (thus the "S" is used.
"My girl is such a freak, when i go down on her, she makes me use my teeth, to give her an s- job..."
by twiggy eksfaur October 17, 2008
When a woman cannot find a date or hasn't had any relations or contact with men in a long time or her contact with men is always negative, awkward and uncomfortable causing her to stay sedentary in her home for months at a time, eating large quantities of food, gaining weight and then later hating herself.

A woman going through this phase is said to be manstipated.
"Susan, I'm so Manstipated, i haven't had a dick in this cooter for ages now"
by twiggy eksfaur October 17, 2008
Referring to a method of insertion.

To insert a finger or several into one's body cavity (mouth, anus, vaginally etc.) all the way in until you reach the webbing of your hand.

Mostly this action is stated as a threat.
"I'm gonna stick both these fingers in that ass Web- deep!"
by twiggy eksfaur October 17, 2008
When a person gets of on getting choked or choking someone, they have these.

Also known as the "Big C"
also, C-gasmic (adj.)
"I dumped John the other day. He wouldn't let me have my c- gasm.. He's such a bitch if he can't even choke a girl.. I asked for it!"
by twiggy eksfaur October 17, 2008

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