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2 definitions by twh2025

1. an individual who has a unibrow and a well defined forehead.
2. a nickname for truman hs debaters including, but not limited to, one nicknamed 'object'
3. another name for a loose vagina
1. "Geraldo Rivera has a clamhat that makes Sadaam Hussein jealous"
2. "What the hell? Damn, she is so loose, everytime she walks its like her clamhat is giving her a standing ovation"
by twh2025 August 16, 2005
1. a person so extremely large, the back of their neck resembles a package of hotdogs, and their thighs are reminiscent of rice pudding on a hot afternoon
2. a term used to describe poor ld debaters at truman hs, including but not limited to a certain member nicknamed object
3. an alternative to thanksgiving turkeys
"oh HELL naw, i am NOT putting crisco on that ass! its her damn fault for not buying double doors, stupid hambeast!"
by twh2025 August 11, 2005