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one hell of a work horse, many ford,dodge,nissan and toyota dealerships usually have one for towing and plowing instead of the vehicles they sell because they arent as reliable. they are vastly used in all sorts of jobs and duties and are highly customizable and can beat the compitition off the line in a drag with 5 dead cylinders and a blown u-joint while towing a loaded trailer.
salesman: why did you put that 8 ft plow on that chevy k1500 when we have like 15 f-250s?

mechanic: because im tired of fixin' those junks when they break and to wire them up takes three fucking hours. anyway, this chevy tows the junks down to auction anyway with the equipment trailer we might as well plow with it, its a workhorse it runs like new even though its got 220k miles on the original motor and tranny.

salesman: oh...
by turbo2011 June 09, 2011

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