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The finest state in the nation.
The great state of North Carolina stretches from the beautiful Smoky Mountains to the rolling sea.
by turbine March 22, 2004
A German sedan that is capable of leaving any japanese rice trash in its dust.
"The M5 just blew the doors off that pathetic honda civic."
by turbine April 14, 2004
The Ultimate BMW.
The M5 can leave any riced up japanese garbage wallowing in its dust.
by turbine April 14, 2004
There's a big difference between a pilot and an aviator. One is a technician, the other is an artist in love with flight.
- E.B. Jeppesen
Those who enter the field for the sole purpose of impressing others with their aeronautical knowledge can never be true aviators.
by turbine October 18, 2004
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