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A decent car manufacturer in the '90s, went to shit when they tried to replace the extinct 3000GT with the new Eclipse. The most recent (failed) attempt at a sports car, the '06 Eclipse, is another example of how the company has gone downward with the influence of Chrysler Motors Corp. The only Mitsubishi worth buying after 1999 is the Evolution, which still rages on today, leaving Honduhs and most other car brands (excluding selected Lambos and Ferraris) staring at their tail lights. Mitsubishi still makes a good TV, however, and a Mitsubishi VCR/DVD player is also a good buy.
Idiot - Hey, isn't my 2000 Eclipse cool?

Me - Yea, except your engine is weak and can't take even 10 lb of boost without severe mods...wanna race my 1990 Eclipse?

Idiot - Sure..*light turns green*....oh my, those are some nice tail lights, I wish I could catch up.
by turb0d00d June 08, 2005
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