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When a cruel owner of a donkey buys an airplane duct taped the donkey to the bottom of it, fly's the plane over a open field. the owner jumps out of the airplane and surprisingly grabs the donkey. the owner rips the donkeys hide off and makes it into a parachute all in mid air! very hard, but possible. safely the donkey lands on the ground but has to go through a series of mental therapy before attempting again.
-Dude i met a sky diving donkey yesterday and he was awesome!

-Wow! thats so sky diving donkey!
by tune68 January 08, 2011
the act of shoving an innocent baby pug puppy into your girlfriends anus while she is sleeping.

this act is common among elderyly couples
omg im so angry because last night joe gave me a dirty pug it hurts so good
by tune68 January 08, 2011
the act of shoving your pointy teeth into a males tiny penis hole
yeah man i let my girlfriend vampire teething me
by tune68 January 11, 2011
the act of killing a rhinosourus and then inserting its horns into youre anus
dude yesterday joe and i did amn the anal rhino
by tune68 January 08, 2011
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