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A cheap bastard. A half-assed west sider. Someone who always takes the short cut.
$10 gift at a wedding is chenzo. giving well liquor as a gift. stuffing your pocket with buffet items. stealing mints
by tuesdaywine March 28, 2008
grief jerkey is any cooked meat that is eaten during periods of intense greiving over the loss of a loved one. Typically the meat is of the portable variety such as cold cuts, hot dogs, or when doing things properly..sausage. Grief jerkey is well known to be beloved by the Irish, and is typically enjoyed out of the back of an open car trunk in the parking lot of a funeral home after a wake or funeral service.
(overheard at Tone's wake) "Hey Schmitty...grab me another cold one and toss me a piece of grief jerkey while you are at it"
by tuesdaywine July 10, 2009

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