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1 definition by tubcx

a phrase used in the No-Limit Texas Hold Em form of poker used to describe a situation where you decide your hand is good enough to shove all your chips in the pot with absolutely no regard for what your opponent could be holding while completely disrespecting his previous aggression/action in the hand.
the board is Jd-2H-9d after our opponent raised pre-flop and we called in position. we hold 10d-8d.

he leads out 2/3 of the pot and we raise 3 times his bet. then he decides to min-raise us...

noah: dude we cantz2b folding this....too many outs.

Kevin: yea...lets roll-tits on this guy.

result: we get it all in and river a straight flush to pwn his boat of Jacks full.
by tubcx October 22, 2008