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After ejaculating into another man's ass, the ejaculator inserts a straw into his partner's ass and stirs creating the famous homoshake. This mixture of semen and feces is then sucked out of the anus.

If any rectal bleeding is present, it is then known as a strawberry homoshake
Valkress: "I gave Kedern2223 a bangin homoshake last night."
Coxtrox: "Goddamnit Valkress your a sick fuck."
Valkress: "I stretched him so far it made a strawberry homoshake!"
Coxtrox: "....."
by ttylnuke December 08, 2004
Where a guy takes a knife and cuts the inner anus out of a woman's ass. When it bleeds the man sucks the blood up and spits it in the girls face... Then the guy proceeds to take his dick and rub it in a swirling motion. Then after that the guy puches the bitch in the face to get more blood.. And To top it all off the man shits on the girls face and rubs it in with a Q-tip
What the fuck did i just say? Nerf drunkness
by ttylnuke March 03, 2005

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