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6 definitions by truk213

1.) General insult. Particularly good for someone (usually drunk) acting like a total bafoon.

2.) The most powerful vagina-based weapon in any woman's arsenal.
1.) Carl is a total cunt laser!

2.) Oh my fuck! Check out the cunt laser on that chick!
by truk213 October 13, 2009
A giant penis with a cape. He can fly, and shoot people with his purple-headed yoghurt cannon.
Captain Penis McPenis entered the smelly cave and sniffed the brown smelly onion.
by truk213 April 30, 2008
A skateboarding trick where the board turns to poo. Of course you can only do it once per board. And it smells.
After touching his itchy brwon onion, Ollie proceeded to bust a mad poo flip.
by truk213 April 30, 2008
Put your foot on the floor so it acts as a doorstop.
Ollie said fingers. Kurt corrected him by saying "Toes Ollie, toes".
by truk213 April 30, 2008
Best southern fried anus in all of Texas.
Have you tried the hot and tasty itchy brown onion?
by truk213 April 30, 2008
A box for sausages, fanny.
My sausage box is secreting a yellow-ish green discharge.
by truk213 April 30, 2008