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noun sub~dog. A name awarded to a man that has the loudest sound system and the most powerful subwoofers pumpin' in the trunk in his crib. He must drive a japanese import only, or he does not qualify. /////ALPINE subs are a true subdogg's choice of custom sound.
that subdogg's r34 has a pumpin' typeX sound system that rocks dick.
by true_keywo May 18, 2009
key~woe noun. A name often given to someone cool, awesome or pimp'n. They know how to bust a cap and they tap chicks with tight asses and perky bazonkas. Noone compares to a true keywo, arguably the best people on this world.
That dude down the street is a real keywo for tappin my hot mamma. How much of a keywo is that gangsta, assjacking that hoe over there.
by true_keywo May 18, 2009
describing word. key~wo~ic. The same as keyish, but on a larger scale. This is when the keywo does something no one else has ever done, or would be hard to top.
if jumping down the sand bank is keyish, then jumping off the cliff onto the coral reef below is keywoic.
by true_keywo May 18, 2009
describing word. key~sh. A way to describe something that is being done by someone displaying keywoic traits. See keywo for more detail.
parkour is such a keyish thing to do. A keywo is described as keyish.
by true_keywo May 18, 2009

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