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A person who, short of actually growing a big enough pair of bollocks to dj in real life, instead bombards his facebook compatriots' newsfeeds with status update after status update containing a youtube link to some sort of irritating (or, on rare occasions, top drawer) music video. The said status updates more than always usually contain the simple utterance, 'tuuuuuuuuuune'.
After a successful day at the office Dan's friend calls him: 'Oh my days, Dan, you're totally the best status-dj evaaar! COMPLETELY forgot how good Wham are! LAST CHRISTMAS - what a tcha-huuuuuuuuune! Fucking bare love for George Michael right now, ha!'
#status-dj #disc-jockey #dj #knob-jockey #status-jockey #status-disc-jockey
by troylegarcon October 24, 2011
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