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The willing trade of a food or beverage item in return for a future favor or service.
Zach didn't want to mow the lawn, but Jamey made him a snackrifice of hot wings for doing it.
by Troublemaker October 18, 2013
Mexican who dresses in a Rockabilly or Psychobilly fashion. Usually are women who have Betty Page hair cuts, dark denim jeans, white makeup with red lipstick, drawn-on eyebrows, and stilettos. They also are usually overweight and wear skin-tight tops that produce a "muffin-top" effect. Also goes out with men who are Caucasian and in bands.
That MexiBilly is going out with Stan from the punk band.
by troublemaker June 13, 2007
Noun: A vapid social construct created to shelter the male's ego and his inability to cope with rejection.
I tried to get Sam to go out with me, but she left me in the friend zone.
by Troublemaker April 05, 2014

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