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3 definitions by trosk-ski

A slap to the cooter.
Man that broad was actin up so I had to give her that Fish Filet. Popularized by the musical talents of Kanye West and Jay-Z in the song "Ni**as in Paris"
by trosk-ski January 03, 2012
The act of forcefully slapping a flaccid penis against a vaginal or anal orifice.
John:"I just had the best night with Carol"

Gary:"Did you give her the ol' jiggy twigger?"

John:"fuck off Gary"
by trosk-ski October 28, 2013
When you rub semen on the face of your victim, specifically the upper lip and chin/cheek regions. Then proceed to rub your un manicured pubic area on said area until the semen dries the rogue pubes. Thus giving the illusion that the victim has a beard akin to the great Jeremiah Johnson.
Hey Christina, I honestly think you would look great with a beard. Mind if I Jeremiah Johnson you?
by trosk-ski October 28, 2013