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A.K.A. Dub-City and Dub-town, A town in Middle Georgia called Dublin that is totally backward and populated by ignorant people. There seems to be some kind of blackhole effect that does not allow people to leave without being sucked back. It is a place of misery that crushes the spirits of people that are trapped there. Visit at your own peril.
Dude 1 You still in the Dub?
Dude 2 Yep.
Dude 1 Damn!
Dude 2 I know. Right?
by trollmaster#1 March 17, 2011
Any guy that takes a piss next to you when there are five empty urinals just to take a peek at your junk. Or, a male/female prison guard that goes from cell to cell watching inmates jerk-off.
See that fucking Dick Watcher over there. He looked at my package and then winked.
by trollmaster#1 June 11, 2011
A word that has more meanings and uses than the word fuck. Troll has morphed from it's original urban definition of an ass of a person that makes people angry on social-media sites by posting rediculous shit for the lulz. To an individual that that uses charisma and bullshit to manipulate other people into doing their will, thus trolling thier mind. Short for controlling.
Shit gets deep when I troll them trollwannabe's." "My trollgame is too strong for dem biznatches.
by trollmaster#1 June 11, 2011

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