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a gaseous substance that explodes out of your sin-hole, it is often known as the 8th Deadly Sin. "Farts" as it is quite often referred to are exceptionally hilarious depending on the situation. it is mostly comprised of methane gas, sulfuric gas, and oxygen, also some other small pecentages of other gases like carbon dioxcide. The expulsion of gas creates a well known sound as we all know. This sound is created by the vibrations of your fat ass. Your ass cheeks vibrato also could expell some kind of liquideous substance, also referred to as "anal seepage" this can be quite disgusting. So if this happens to you...dont be lazy, go change your fucking pants, and wipe up for God's sake.
1) (guy) "Dude!? do you smell that flatulence?"

(friend) "Oh God! yea that was Cooner! holy shit that smells terrible!"

2) flatulence is what really killed the cat.
by tristebanana2 June 09, 2010

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