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The result of girls shedding most of their winter clothing in order to maximize their visible ASSets. This is directly related to the sudden change of temperature from cold to warm in the Spring, and is a popular occurrence on college campuses.
Ryan: "I had no idea Chanel had such a rockin' body under those sweats!"

Corey: "Yeah man, I always thought she was hiding a penis, but Springtime Ass proved me wrong!"
by trips145 April 11, 2011
When someone who attends or has attended Notre Dame rejects or ignores you because you did not attend Notre Dame. An action that is the result of a feeling of superiority by the person or persons who attend or have attended Notre Dame.
Ryan: I was supposed to meet Claire, but she bailed!

Adam: She Notre Damed you again?!
by trips145 January 09, 2011

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