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3 definitions by trikespotter

Acronym for 'For The Camera' - When people act irregular in relation to their normal behaviour, particularly when they are being filmed. Most suited towards attention whores.
- Hey dude, when did your buddy become a such a dick all of a sudden?
- Ahh don't mind him, he's just FTC.

Or with regards to reality TV participants, who are all FTC by default.
by trikespotter May 10, 2012
Short hand term derived from 2000AD lingo for "Fucking Cunt Bastard Bitch" that is exempt from movie and television censorships, but still being able to get the point across to a younger audience without the likes of HBO screwing up movies in general with poor editing.
- Hey dude! You just shot my foot!

- Relax dude, it's only a flesh wound. Don't be such a funting bastich.

- You're a funting bastich, you bastich funt you!!
by trikespotter November 26, 2011
Combination of the words 'Sweet' and 'Win'.

More suitably used when an item of great self-importance is obtained free of charge from the likes of a competition, but better used in text format rather than verbally.
"Congratulations! You are our millionth 'like' to our facebook page, and in showing our appreciation, we are going to give you a free jar of our famous four-cheese spaghetti sauce!"

"SWINT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D"
by trikespotter September 03, 2012