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A website which allows insecure and uninformed teenagers to spout what they erroneously believe is wit, wisdom, or knowledge.

A common occurrence is for fans of a band to beg the reader to be "open minded" about this band, which they "discovered" on mtv. Nevertheless, these entries provide worthwhile amusement at the expense of whining teenagers.

good places to start witnessing pitiable definitions: Green Day, Slipknot, My Chemical Romance, and Evanescence
"d00d, |_||) is 500000 |=|_|(|(1|\| 1337 /\/\4|\|"

"Alas, i've just encountered another braindead definition on Urban Dictionary"
by tridelvior December 07, 2005
In the hallowed and ancient game of Starcraft, a powerful zerg air unit. Capable of reigning mass destruction from afar, a swarm of guardians were oft the demise of a defenseless n00b. However, guardians are incapable of attacking other air units, and are weak in that sense.

Guardians are affectionately known as "crabs" by more experienced players, because their sprite resembles greatly a crab.
the(42)answer:w00t! Crabs on the way!
IrTeHlEeT: wtf are crabs?
the(42)answer: guardians, biatch.
IrTeHlEeT: fuck.
the(42)answer: yeah you're screwed.
Player 2 has been eliminated.
by tridelvior October 02, 2004

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