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a party that fights for a broader gap between the classes, oppression, fascism, gay execution ala radio commentator whose name i wont mention, and is generally a very mean grumpy assanine party
"dude, im a republican."
"you suck. you racis homophobic suv driving walmart shopping redneck"
by trevor_clark_12@yahoo.com December 29, 2005
oxymoron. communism is to the left, whereas fascism (nazis) is to the right. both are authoritarian, and both are very extreme. but it proves, again, that the left is muc better than the right... stalin or hitler?... we all know the answer.

Dude, youre a COMMI-NAZI liberal...lets go to walmart in our escalade!!!
by trevor_clark_12@yahoo.com December 29, 2005
a left of center political party taht fights for corporate control, social welfare, racial equality, gender equality, workers rights, environmental protection,womens rights, gay rights, lesbian rights, fair treatment for all,against fascism,nazi-ism,corporate greed,cronyism,destruction f the environment etc.
in my opinion, though totally irrelavent, the better party
Why didn't you vote for the democrats dude?
repuke:"duh! faggots dont need rights...lets take the escaade to walmart
by trevor_clark_12@yahoo.com December 29, 2005

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