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4 definitions by treeguywussup

1. Go to work. 2. Quit having fun and go to work. 3. What a babe does instead of and/or during work and consequently productivity among coworkers plummits.
1. Time to SSS and get my tail to task.
2. Hey baby, get the fuck up and get your tail to task 'cause I'm on and, hey, stop by Wally World on your way home. They got pads on rollback.
3. Yeah, she had her tail to task today, got nowt done.
by treeguywussup October 13, 2010
1. What you say when you just had "Oh, she's an awesome cook!" tuna casserole over at your partner's favorite aunt's but you typically gag at anything that swims instead of a gorgeous, thick, juicy porterhouse. 2. What your partner says when she admits she cheated.
Vinnie Veggette: "Did you enjoy my hummus casserole?"
Man: "Yes, it was filling."

Him: "Like I said I was drunk and didn't even enjoy it. Shit, I'm sorry, baby--and I'll never do it again"
Her: "That's okay. I already forgive you--and it was filling, too."
by treeguywussup October 15, 2010
Cocoa, sugar, creamer. We put it in a little bag--trash bag, you know. Mix it all up {...then put the bag inside a 5-gallon bucket}. Surround it with ice. Pour salt--a layer of salt and ice, salt and ice, and ah, {hang bucket from top bunk's frame and...} shake it back and forth for about an hour and a half then you have ice cream. Homemade ice cream."

This is ice cream. It's really good.
Cellmate ice cream tastes as good as Granny's hand-cranked but's lots cheaper and simpler too.
by treeguywussup August 09, 2011
aluminium-canned beer that has been sitting outside of a closed window in the winter and consequently has received the perfect chilling; breakfast of champions
The dorm fridge died, so I put the case survivors on the windowsill and closed the window. Next morning breakfast ruled: scrambled eggs and bacon washed down with ice cold window brew.
by treeguywussup October 15, 2010