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1. When someone is being a jerk, asshole, bastard, mother fucker, on many occasions. 2. a locker like wooden piece of furniture used for keeping dildos.
Last night larry was being a real dildo cabnet, first he said my sister looked like a whore, then ran up a huge bar tap and "just forgot his wallet" then he puked in my car (he also called shotgun so it's on my dashboard), on my moms car, took a dump in a toilet and didn't flush, put his feet on the table, said a bunch oh shit like "this place sucks" over and over again, grabbed the remote to the TV and made us watch lame TV everyone else in the room didn't like, told us all we were pussy's for some bullshit reason, drank the last of the milk and put the jug back in the fridge... and he was only over for an hour.
by treeRatRecords December 05, 2009
when a person (most commonly a woman) puts you in a headlock with there legs, and shits and piss's on your face at the same time.
Dude Becky gave me a bean and cheese headlock and now I have piss in my hair and shit in my teeth.
by TreeRatRecords December 02, 2009
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