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A person who merely appears to be smart.
Randy always wants to talk about Plato. It seems like he doesn't know much about anything else (or Plato for that matter). He's such a quasi-intellectual.
#quasi #intellectual #stupid #boring #fake
by tree pipit September 08, 2010
A person who is so eager to hook up with someone that she/he doesn't mind being slipped a roofy.
Tracy is so horny. She's been hooking up with everybody lately. I think she's roofy-proof.
#roofy #date rape #date drug #dating #hook up
by tree pipit September 08, 2010
An expression that is used when a joke is lame.
Ted: Do you play sports?
Ned: Yes, I play chess.
Ted: I bet you get injured a lot, hehe..
Ned: Funny not found, dude.
#funny #lame #bad #joke #found
by tree pipit December 03, 2010
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