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When engaging in doggie style sex the male “shovels” or “plows” the pussy juice from the females vagina into her anus by using the head of his penis. Thus providing enough natural lubrication for anal sex.
Damn bitch your ass is tight, I am goin to have to mix up a pussy juice cocktail, grab a pillow to bite on!
by traymund December 30, 2005
Male or female in their late teens to early twenties most likely belongs to a fraternity or sorority. Has a ridiculous obsession with Abercrombie & Fitch. Often seen with their collars popped. Uses asinine phrases such as “Dude is that kosher?” or “Like oh my God!” These types can be found in any mall across America as well as most colleges and or universities.
Abertool "dude im gonna bring some kids back to the house so we can play some beirut is that kosher?"
by Traymund January 28, 2006
Adj. This term is used to describe a snowboarder who is insane at what he or she does. Calling someone a knuckle dragger is a compliment, do not take offense to it. It is a great term because skiers can never be knuckle draggers, more or less because they suck huge dick. Knuckle draggers are often seen in the terrain parks of your Local Mountain or ski resort. Don’t fear them, they are just 10 times better at snowboarding then you will ever be. CAUTION: If you ski and you cut off a knuckle dragger it will certainly lead to your death. However this should never happen because you do not belong in the terrain park!...keep kids on shred!
Skier 1: That kid just did a 720 tail grab clearing a 50ft gap!
Skier 2: He is a knuckle dragger man don't mess with him.
Skier 1: Damn i bet he gets laid a lot!
by traymund October 12, 2006

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